All characters participating in or witnessing
sexual activities in any story are fully mature
adults. If you want something else, look elsewhere.

Clicking on the titles of any of the stories below will take you to a "Table of Contents" page for the story, which will give a description of the story in, I hope, sufficient detail for you to decide whether you want to read it or not. More stories will be added as they are completed.

  • "Freeworld" is a science fiction/horror story of revenge and mind control.

  • "The Black Hole" is a women-in-prison story -- a prison with an inmate population of one.

  • "Foreign Prison" is another women-in-prison story (this one is pretty long), doubling as a love story.

  • The Suzy Stories are a series of connected short stories about self-bondage, if that is the correct term for bondage over which Susan has no control.

  • Dreammaker is another science fiction/horror story. (NEW STORY!)