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into what goes on inside my head

Last updated: 22-Feb-2020

I can't possibly justify the existence of this site, except to say that any writer likes to imagine there are people out there reading what he has written. The stories offered here all contain one or more of the things that make me aroused, or at least mildly tingly -- my kinks. I have written these stories for the purpose of sharing them with anyone who likes them. If you read something that you don't like here, keep in mind that that means it wasn't written for you. In introducing the stories, I will try my best to warn you beforehand what kind of things you will find in them.

My primary kinks include

  • Bondage. Often ropes, but I am more interested in metal, such as chains, locks, and related metalware.

  • Self-bondage: The act of tying oneself up, often alone, so that one must struggle to escape. If you don't understand why someone would do that, it can't be explained. No kink can really be "explained" to someone who doesn't share it.

  • Female nudity. Do I need to explain that?

  • Sexuality between two females, anywhere on the scale of consensuality, from loving, mutually agreeable sex to forced intercourse...

  • ...especially, but certainly not limited to, females who are related to each other. (Sisters, say.)

  • Lactation: Women producing and sharing breast milk.

  • Women serving and behaving as pets, such as dogs, voluntarily or involuntarily. This may include surgery to require the pet to walk on all fours.

  • Hanging by the neck. I do not know why that gets me. If I were to see it happen in real life, I'm sure I wouldn't like it -- in my head, it is a more peaceful, relatively pain-free, sensual and erotic thing than it really is.

  • Gynophagia: The cooking and consumption of women as food.

  • Snuff. Death. Not necessarily as a terrifying thing to avoid. It may be quite voluntary.

The last three points above are the basic ingredients of an entire subculture based on the work of the fetish cartoonist Dolcett, from around the early 1990s. Try Googling "Dolcett". See what you get. I have another website, Cardaniel & Thantasy's Asphyxionados, shared with my writing partner Thantasy, devoted exclusively to those themes.

All characters participating in or witnessing
sexual activities in any story are fully mature
adults. If you want something else, look elsewhere.


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